Trust and Probate Litigation

Mediation is the first and best means of dispute settlement.
Mediation is the first and best means of dispute settlement.

Trust and probate litigation is often necessary when disputes arise among heirs and beneficiaries when a will or the intentions described in a will do not appear to reflect the wishes of the deceased. These conflicts are formally handled by challenge proceedings in probate court.

Undue influence, fraud, manipulation and even misguided legal advice are often resolved by challenge proceedings. Other challenges arise from lack of capacity of various beneficiaries, misunderstandings, and breach of legal duty to act solely in another party’s interest. If you want to prevent exploitation of vulnerable friends and relatives, elderly persons, or incapacitated people, you can have unfair changes in wills declared invalid in many cases.

Trust and probate litigation ensures accountability and fairness in the deceased person’s intentions.

If embezzlement of funds and misappropriation is evident in any trust, our team will strongly appeal for action via trust contests, and invalidating amendments. We will lawfully challenge trustees for a just and appropriate settlement. Byron Husted as a trust and litigation attorney has the skills and experience to handle both trust litigation and probate litigation. This combination of skills is rarely found in trust and probate attorneys. Byron will assist with either or both forms of litigation. Byron is backed by the team at Morris Law Firm, APC.

Don’t leave this type of legal proceeding to inexperienced law firms and don’t handle trust and probate litigation yourself. Court proceedings will not investigate your case spontaneously. The court can only decide on remedial action based on the evidence presented to the court. If you leave such crucial proceedings to inexperienced legal teams, or legal practises from distant locations, you may put the course of proper justice at risk with misinterpretations of the deceased’s intentions.

Byron Husted and his associates of Southern California will assess your case and offer advice relating to your concerns. We are experienced in local trust and probate litigation procedures. If you live anywhere in the region of Temecula, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and all counties and cities in the Southern California region, call today to arrange a consultation for trust and probate litigation.