Which do you need? A lawyer or an attorney?

Lawyers and attorneys are almost the same but with an official difference.

A lawyer can be anyone who has studied law and may work in the industry as a clerk or research assistant. In the United States, a lawyer who is registered by the Bar Association to practice law is said to be an ‘attorney at law’. To become an attorney at law, the lawyer must pass the bar exam which approves the lawyer to practice law in a given jurisdiction.

As written in the Lawyeredu.org website: Although the terms lawyer and attorney often operate as synonyms, an attorney is a lawyer but a lawyer is not necessarily an attorney. The general public may see each title as the same, but the American Bar Association has a different distinction of each.

With this now clarified, it is common in our daily speak to refer to anyone with attorney-at-law qualifications as either a lawyer or an attorney. Be careful! If someone offers to practice in law when they don’t have Bar Association credentials, they will be putting your case at risk.

Lawyers and attorneys at law will often refer cases to others. Attorneys might specialize in one or more particular areas of law, and if your case is not in their special realm of experience, they might see it in your interest to refer you to another attorney or law firm.

Attorney at law with specialized areas of experience

Byron Husted is an attorney at law who specializes in living trusts, trust amendments, probate court, probate litigation, elder abuse cases, estate planning, and conservatorships in the San Diego area as well as Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and other areas throughout southern California.

Byron is highly experienced in many facets of these specialist law cases. Many lawyers and attorneys are only experienced in one or the other, where Byron has assisted many clients with planning their estate and creating living trusts to avoid the expense and delays with probate. He has also represented people in probate litigation where elder abuse may be alleged, or intentions of a trust, trust amendment, or will is allegedly misappropriated by executors and or heirs.

If you are involved in a situation where you are concerned at the behaviour of heirs with a deceased loved-one’s will or estate, where an executor may not be perceived to be doing the right thing, and you think you need assistance of an attorney at law who specializes in such cases, call Byron Husted, attorney at law of Morris Law Firm, APC, in San Diego today.

Tel: 619-826-8060 or email byron@morrislawfirmapc.com

Ref: lawyeredu.org November 4th, 2015.