Conservatorships can be mishandled by inexperienced law firms who do not understand the finer principles and procedures.

If you have been challenged by poor legal advice, or you want to protect yourself or others from alleged undue influence, fraud, and manipulation, we can assist you by filing claims appropriate to your particular case.

What is conservatorship?
A probate conservatorship is a judicial procedure which appoints a conservator. This is known as conservatorship, and it becomes necessary when an individual has no means of delegating financial and or personal affairs to another.

Conservatorship through the courts by Southern Californian attorney.
Legal and accountable support is available from the courts via conservatorship.

If an individual should become incapacitated, or is unable to handle financial and or personal affairs due to severe illness, mental or physical disability, it may become necessary to arrange a conservatorship to manage the person’s financial affairs, and in some cases personal affairs.

Relatives or friends may petition the court for a conservatorship to be established. Such petitions must include factual information about why a certain individual may not be able to manage financial affairs and or may not be able to secure their own personal care. A court investigator is appointed to interview the proposed conservatee and report back to the court for consideration.

Conservatorships require further court supervision of all transactions made by the conservator. This ensures an accountable method of management on behalf of the conservatee. Conservatorships differ from Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

The legal process is complex and should only be handled by experienced law practitioners. Byron Husted and his law professionals will be happy to assist you with the delicate and important steps towards conservatorship.

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