Protections for Trustees when the Validity of a Trust is Attacked

Too often, beneficiaries are dissatisfied with the provisions in the trust document.  Disputes often arise from how and when assets are distributed and beneficiaries may decide to launch a legal attack on the validity of the trust itself. Certain individuals may believe they were wrongfully denied status as beneficiaries and may file a legal challenge

Protecting a Trustee against Beneficiary Challenges

When people think of trust litigation, they might think about beneficiaries bringing an action to obtain access to or possession of the trust property. However, the trustee may also need legal protection if one or more beneficiaries decide to question how the trustee is managing and administering the trust property. Beneficiaries can sometimes be more

4 Reasons a Beneficiary Should Take Action to Remove a Bad Trustee

Is your trustee protecting the beneficiaries’ assets? Unfortunately, there are trustees who intentionally or inadvertently do the wrong thing and your assets may consequently be diminishing, or worse, be misappropriated. Estate planning usually resolves to creating a trust to protect assets for the sake of beneficiaries. This structure normally avoids the lengthy processes of probate. Assets