The Advantages of Mediation in a Probate Dispute

The Advantages of Mediation in a Probate Dispute When a person passes away with or without a will in the state of California, there is a good chance that his or her estate will have to go through a process called “probate.” This process involves establishing the validity of a will, settling the estate’s debts,

Riverside County Trust Contest and Financial Elder Abuse Case Reaches Positive Settlement with Morris Law Firm, APC

In the fall of 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Ultes (“Petitioners”), an elderly couple residing in Riverside County, filed a petition in the Riverside Superior Court to challenge the validity of a trust amendment they assert their long-time friend executed prior to his death. Based on the petition in court records: (1) Decedent’s wife had recently

Protections for Trustees when the Validity of a Trust is Attacked

Too often, beneficiaries are dissatisfied with the provisions in the trust document.  Disputes often arise from how and when assets are distributed and beneficiaries may decide to launch a legal attack on the validity of the trust itself. Certain individuals may believe they were wrongfully denied status as beneficiaries and may file a legal challenge